You've arrived at your new home, taken your boxes inside and are ready to settle in, but now what? What do you need to check and do on arrival at your new home to make sure everything is as it should be? Generally for new tenancies, the property will have been checked over and everything should be working, but it is always best to be sure and see things for yourself. Whereas when purchasing a new property, these checks will likely have not been carried out.

To keep things as straightforward as possible, these are our three top tips for your move day:

1. Check the Utilities

Be sure to check what the meter readings are for each of the utilities at the property, so that you can open your accounts with the relevant providers. In knowing accurate reads for your move date, you can be sure to have an accurate bill from the provider.

You should also be sure that all the relevant utilities are working when you arrive, as the later you leave it to find a problem, the harder it can be to ensure it's resolved on that first day.

Always check the fire alarms in the property are working upon arrival. They should be tested regularly, but for peace of mind, know they work when you first move in!

Something could be working one day and not the next, so even if it's been checked before your arrival, be sure that you know for yourself.


2. Familiarise yourself with the Property

Be sure that you know how everything works within the property. There's nothing worse than a cold evening coming in and not knowing how to warm your home up, when no one is available to assist!

Perhaps most importantly here, know your way around the property and where the main water stopcock is for the property, along with the gas shut off, and the main circuit breakers. This can be useful in an emergency, when the power goes out, if there's a leak, or to protect you should there be a gas leak, or electrical fault within the property.


3. Meet your neighbours

One of the most overlooked things in the busy, modern world is how useful it is to know your immediate neighbours. They can provide useful insight into the area and will often be able to keep an eye on things, or assist you when necessary.

When you've unpacked, spare a moment to introduce yourself to at least your immediate neighbours on either side. You never know when you might need them and should there be any concerns during your time in the property, they will be a lot easier to resolve with someone you know already!


These are our three top tips for your move day, but if you have your own that you think we should have included, why not let us know and we can include them in a later blog!