We know that heating a home can seem costly, but not doing so can make it a less than desirable place to live and in some cases even start to cause damage to the property and any belongings inside it. There's nothing better on a cold day than knowing you're coming home to a warm, cosy home. So here are our top tips for saving money when heating your home!


1. Bleed the Radiators

This might sound really tricky at first glance, but in fact, it's a really quick and easy job that you can do on your own. The purpose of this is to remove all of the air from the heating system. Radiators work by heating the water inside and as air doesn't heat up in the same way. Any space without water in isn't heating up and isn't heating your home!


2. Close the Curtains

Even modern double glazed windows don't keep the heat in like the walls of a property will. By ensuring you have good window coverings in place and are closing them at night, you can keep as much of the heat in the property as possible.

Where you have a window over a radiator, it's even possible to tuck longer curtains down behind the radiator itself and guide more of the warmth into the room and away from the window, which will leave your property feeling warmer.


3. Clear the Way

Similarly, by ensuring you're not covering radiators with clothes or towels on them, or leaving items in front of them or furniture too close to the radiators; you can ensure as much of the heat from the radiator as possible is circulating around the room. Items too close to radiators, especially soft furnishings can take in large amounts of the heat being given off.


4. Time your Heating

This one may sound like common sense but think about the timings you're setting the heating to come on and turn off at. You don't want to be heating an empty home, but it may be sensible to have it coming on just before you're intending to arrive home if you want things to be warm when you get there.

Similarly, think about the length of time the heating is on for. It goes without saying that if you have the boiler working at full steam (no pun intended) constantly, then this is going to get very expensive. However, if you have the heating on for too short a period of time, it won't adequately heat the property and you won't feel the benefit and nor will the property itself, meaning you effectively waste the money you've spent on firing up your boiler.

Remember, the most expensive point is getting your boiler up to temperature. Once it's there, it's cheaper to run it, than it is for it to cool down and fire back up. You should be looking to set your timer to 2-3 hours in the morning and evening as a minimum when heating is required. But don't forget to turn it off when the weather warms up!


5. Warm up your Accessories

This last point might sound throwaway, but if you're looking to put your own style on the property by bringing accessories into the room, thinking about them can warm up a room, or at least make it feel warmer.

Rugs are an excellent extra layer of insulation on a floor and can keep more warmth in the property, especially when laid over solid floor coverings like wood, tile, or laminate.

Introducing throws and cushions so sofas can make a room feel warmer overall, particularly on harder chairs, or leather sofas.


Stay warm everyone! If you've got your own tips, or any problems keeping your property warm, let us know.