While the UK is in lockdown the government has stated viewings can be carried out. Right or wrong, here are my thoughts on how viewings can be carried out in a safe manner for everyone involved.

Firstly, use virtual viewings where possible. Here at Eightfold, we have made use of the wonderful Matterport camera, the same sort of device as used by Google Maps, to give you a lovely walkthrough tour of our properties, from the safety and comfort of your own home. This is as about as close to seeing a property in real life as is possible without being there in person. This one seems obvious but given the current situation we find ourselves in, if you think you would be happy to secure a property based on the online media available please do so. Checking the available online media closely saves as much in person contact as possible, and means we and you are only attending the property when absolutely necessary. We are happy to answer any extra questions you might have about this process.

Where viewings are necessary please avoid mixing households, only attend the viewing if you live together and try to keep the numbers as low as possible for the viewing, you can take a video whilst attending the viewing to show the rest of your group later. if this includes more people than just you and possibly one other. Keeping numbers as low as possible minimises the risk for all involved, including our team and the current tenants.

Try not to book too many viewings at once. Being selective about which properties you would like to view in person with which agencies again helps to minimise the risk for all involved.

Make sure you have sanitised your hands and are wearing the correct PPE the agent should be also be wearing full PPE. This will be at least the required face covering you need in all public places, but if you feel necessary, or it is possible, you may also want to consider gloves as well. Whilst you are inside the property, try to avoid touching anything.

Finally, although seemingly obvious, please do not attend the viewing if you or anyone you live with has shown symptoms of COVID-19. If you live in a property and your agency has a viewing booked please also let them know if anyone living in the property is showing symptoms, or having to isolate for any reason.

Stay safe.