With life getting back to a greater degree of normality it’s time too look forward to doing all those things in (especially in Brighton & Sussex) that we have been deprived of doing for so long now. Today I’m going to tell you my top 10 places & things I’m looking forward to doing or going to again which you will see is going to be dominated with my love of food!


  1. Going to the Amex to see the mighty Brighton & Hove Albion. It’s looking like premier league safety has been secured to the chance to see watch some games & see some faces for a beer before after & during its high on the list!
  2. Breakfast at Café Coho- One of my favourites with lots of great locally sourced produce, This full English with great Coffee is something I really can’t wait for!
  3. Going to the cinema – the chance to see a film without distraction on the big screen is going to be a real privilege after all this time!
  4. A Steak at The Coal Shed – No explanation required here. If you know you know!
  5. Walks at the National trust on a whim without booking in advance- being so lucky to be surrounded by some great sites in Sussex it ill be great to take advantage of this!
  6. Eating great Italian food out- I’m spoilt for choice here so visits to Bon Appetito, Cin Cin & Bella Napoli  will all be requiring visits.
  7. Going on holiday! With lack of options available & the circumstances we have all endured I think we will all agree we are all in need of a break & the opportunity to get away & relax is needed by us all!
  8. Greek food at Nostos- Having let the premises to Kyri I was lucky enough to get to try the fantastic menu just before the first lockdown & was certainly not let down…this one is already scheduled in the diary…cant wait!
  9. Proper Networking- For those of you that know me I love a social event. Whilst we have all tried to network online with various events it sadly jut not the same & there are plenty of faces you end up not seeing! A beer in hand & a face to face chat with people in the Brighton business community is very much longed for.
  10. 64 Degrees- Tucked away in the Lanes, an intimate restaurant with limited covers. However when it comes to food I would describe it as phenomenon of flavours.


I’m sure everyone is has some similar lists so would love to hear what’s on yours & what you are looking forward to doing once you can!