Facebook, Instagram, Rightmove, Zoopla… you name it, if it’s a place to market your houses, we are all over it, but things have changed recently.  The markets have got harder, the tenants more discerning, and…. marketing has become a thing in a way it hasn't in the past.

To be honest, for the longest time, in lettings especially, any old pictures used to do. Looking back, I cannot believe the terrible photos we used, and they worked, it didn’t seem to matter!  But that’s all changed, exasperated by yes… that word again… COVID… and its brilliant habit of pushing things forward at the speed of light! In this case, the way people shop for properties.

They will expect to see great photos, videos, descriptions, 3D tour links, floor plans and a whole host of other things, but the one thing that drags them away from other houses and looking at yours is going to be that one picture great picture – the one that screams for them to pay attention. I think this will mean that all houses and flats will need to be dressed for a photo shoot. We’ve had a few trial runs, one student landlord, in particular, this year made a point of running around all his houses as they were being filmed and photographed, dressing them to look spit spot and boy did it work.  All let nice and early this year, and just as importantly, for the right rent amounts. I didn’t think it would be as important as it is, but as anyone will tell you I am happy to be proved wrong or learn something new as long as the job gets done.

So, I think all of our landlords really need to have a think about this as a small investment going forwards. I am currently taking talking to a couple of people about a house dressing and professional photos package, and our lovely loyal landlords will get a peek at this very soon.