So, in truth, I’m not a full-blown local, I don’t have Seaford in my blood, but I’ve been for nearly fifteen years now, and at the very least I feel like a local. I buy my meat at Walbrin’s, I eat in the Grumpy Chef, I have breakfast at Pomegranate’s, and I like a pint in the Cinque Ports with a roast cooked lovingly by La Maison. I’m not a hugely social cat, over the time I’ve spent in Seaford I’ve not really joined any local groups as such, but I have tried, when not working or raising my family or walking my dogs to get involved as much as possible. As my daughter has filtered through the different age groups, I have managed to offer some financial help where possible to the teams she has played for. Seaford Striders,  setting up Seaford Park Run was a lovely thing to be involved in, being a runner as I am, sponsoring my nephews under 14’s football team was also great (apart from having to be the shortest person in the team photograph), and recently also sponsoring the shirts for an under 14’s girls' football team in Newhaven are the ways that someone like me who works probably too much can help a little in our fabulous community.

Probably the most connections I have made though are through my dogs. On the golf course early in the morning (dark for a lot of the time) we have a little community within a community that looks out for one another whilst walking our dogs in all weathers. Again, truth be told, I know most of the dogs’ names better than the owners, but that’s as it should be! So, when the opportunity came up to join forces with a meticulously run letting agency in the town, I jumped at it. It was always a plan of mine to work the business into a way that involved Seaford eventually, but I must admit that time has gotten away from that plan, as it always does. The rest of the company runs at a fast pace and my time always seemed to be taken up. However, when we managed to get it over the line, the rewards were almost instant. I have never been so sure that I have made a better decision in business. The locals that we now work with as landlords and tenants are brilliant, and now I really do feel that I can class myself as a proper local, who lives, eats, and now also works in Seaford. I’m really looking forward to pushing this part of the company firsthand and getting deeper into the community I've lived in for so long.