As 2022 rumbles on, the property market remains buoyant and is still going strong. Many of us have invested, rented, or moved into a new home or are planning to sell our current one. So, there isn’t a better time than now to consider the power of good design and how it can maximise the value of a property and the way in which we live within the space - whether that be for rental, to sell, or as a holiday let.

Design plays an important & integral part in our everyday lives. Good design makes something useful, and after all, everything that is designed has been, done with a specific purpose in mind and for it to be used. Any design must satisfy certain criteria, not only functional but also psychological and aesthetic. Good design emphasises its qualities and usefulness whilst disregarding anything that could possibly detract from it.

Now if we apply those design principles to property, the same rules apply. Gone are the days where magnolia walls and neutral tones ticked all the boxes and in are the bold colours, feature walls and contemporary design-led features. Good design is innovative and has evolved with time, and the possibilities for innovation are not, by any means, exhausted. A property that functions well and is aesthetically pleasing sells itself - let’s not kid ourselves: looks matter. Form should always follow function, but it shouldn’t be forgotten – it should follow. We should be concerned with the impact that aesthetics have and aspire to visually delight and impress! Ultimately the way in which you design, set up and present your property will determine how successful it is for you in the long run.

Good design is long-lasting and speaks for itself, It avoids being fashionable and therefore never appears antiquated. Unlike fashionable design, it lasts many years. Whether for investment purposes, the student market or for the demands of a family, good design will help you boost the value of your property and allow it to stand out whilst protecting your investment. This is your opportunity to make a memorable first impression, get more views and more attention - it could be a buyer on Rightmove, a student looking to rent or a guest on holiday, your property needs to stand out above the competition, both on-screen and in real life. A property finished to a good design standard shows consideration, attention to detail, and that you care about the end result; it also reduces the length of time it’s on the market and secures you a higher price. Designing and styling your property correctly can increase the value by 15% for sales and 30% for rentals and Short-Term Holiday Lets.

Redesigning your property needn’t be too costly either, but it can have a huge impact on its value - To ensure that any financial investment in a redesign is in line with your expected return, design in accordance with the location. Every location is different, so you need to understand your area and therefore your market. Brighton has a unique property market, so you should adapt to your surroundings; consider the neighbourhood and value of the property, and to whom the property might appeal. For example, areas such as Preston Park and Seven Dials are good for families, Elm Grove & Lewes Road appeals to younger residents & students, and some of Hove’s most exclusive neighbourhoods including Pembroke Crescent, Brunswick Square and Millionaires Row are perfect for high-net-worth individuals.

Property design for the rental market should be both neutral and restrained, to leave room for the tenant’s self-expression but it still needs to be visually exciting and aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes ”less really is more” if you focus and concentrate on getting the essential aspects just right. Too often people are told misleading information that a clean, modern space with completely neutral colours will appeal to the masses. In a certain space that might well be correct, but more often than not the way you design and finish a space has a lot to do with both the way you live within it and your character, but also the character of the property itself.

There’s a massive difference between neutral and drab. Neutral with splashes of colour and a hint of Brighton can be great and help your place to stand out for all the right reasons without it being too bold as to put people off. Bear in mind the more thought that’s put into a space, the easier it is to envisage yourself living in it and If someone is able to walk into a property and picture themselves living within, the hard part is already done. Good design sells and speaks for itself, at this point the agent just becomes the intermediary.

The bathroom and kitchen are two areas that often have the biggest effect on securing a better valuation. Even small and simple changes such as re-grouting or swapping the tiles can make a huge difference to someone’s perception of the room. A properties layout is another expensive but adjustable feature, and rooms can be reconfigured, extended, partitioned, or repurposed, however, you should always consider the cost implications and if this is justified by the end result.

While you may naturally be focused on the larger design elements when redesigning a property, don’t forget the smaller details too. Stylish light fittings, including plug sockets, can enhance the interior of any home, but small touches like these are often overlooked. Its details and unique selling points like these, that will make your property stand out from the crowd and increase its appeal & value so be imaginative, inventive, and clever, make sure to utilise wasted space for wardrobes, cupboards, & additional storage and think about longevity.

Design and set up your property correctly and you’ll attract people across all market sectors which will massively help to drive your sale, income, or occupancy all year round. For further guidance or to book a design consultation please don’t hesitate to contact Eightfold Property and speak to me or one of the team.