In 2019 and at 44 years of age, Seaford based husband, father and Director of Eightfold Property, Dan Lyons decided to go back to school and to study for a Master’s Degree in Music Industry, Innovation and Enterprise. No easy feat by any means - let alone for someone who hasn’t stepped foot in a classroom since completing his GCSEs *ahem* years ago. Not only this but with a family and a business to run...

...What on earth possessed Dan to embark on an intensive one-year Post Graduate Degree at WaterBear – The College of Music?

Well, the answer is... Eightfold (pun fully intended!):

  1. To learn transferable skills to take into his business and personal life.
  2. To re-tap into a semi-lost passion for music and playing bass.
  3. To meet and re-connect with like-minded people within Brighton, who share his passion for the creative arts, innovation, business and Brighton.
  4. To learn how to meet the needs of the student market in Brighton.
  5. To explore and learn from success stories of resilience.
  6. To help create a new brand for Brighton Accommodation Agency.
  7. To learn more about identifying an audience and delivering a product.
  8. To gain confidence in both business and expression.

In the video below, Dan shares his experiences with WaterBear during his time completing his MA – check out for more information.