As a landlord, one of the most important responsibilities is to ensure the safety of tenants by conducting regular gas safety inspections. This is a legal obligation that must be carried out by a qualified gas engineer to check that gas appliances and flues are safe and working correctly.

However, it can be challenging for landlords to carry out these inspections when tenants refuse access to their property. According to a recent article, almost half of landlords are unable to perform gas safety checks because they were denied access.

This presents a difficult balance between a tenant's right to refuse access to their property and their quiet enjoyment of it, against a landlord's obligation to carry out a gas safety inspection.

On one hand, tenants have a right to privacy and control over their own property. This means that landlords cannot enter the property without their consent. However, tenants are also obligated to allow the landlord access for repairs, maintenance, and safety inspections.

On the other hand, landlords have a legal obligation to ensure that gas appliances and flues are safe. If they are unable to carry out a gas safety inspection, they could face significant fines and legal consequences.

In conclusion, the balance between a tenant's right to refuse access and a landlord's obligation to carry out a gas safety inspection is a delicate one. The main consideration here is one of tenant safety being paramount. We are fortunate at Eightfold Property to have been able to manage the problem well to date, through effective communication with the tenants on the importance of the safety inspection, and making sure to arrange between them and the Gas Safe Engineer, a resolution has always been possible.

The balance between the needs and wants of residential landlords and their tenants is always an interesting topic, with this being the biggest example, but flexibility around viewings can be just as challenging. We'd love to hear from anyone reading as to their experiences and any positive moves they've made to manage it!


Photo by Mykola Makhlai on Unsplash