There are numerous reasons for someone to need to lease a tenancy early, but it is something we see more frequently in the student market, where a tenant's situation might change around their studies. The issue is slightly different where a tenant is part of a larger jointly and severally liable tenancy agreement, rather than in a property on their own. Whether the need to move comes from falling out with your housemates, moving university or family issues calling you home, your agency should be sympathetic to your situation, however there is still the contract to consider. 

In short, you will need to do a lot of the legwork to facilitate your move and release from your obligations. Firstly, discuss the situation with your housemates, please do not leave them as the last to hear. We have seen this so many times, where the whole process starts on the back foot, because housemates feel blindsided by what is a massive change for the whole house! Explain the reasons for leaving, and then contact the agency, or your landlord, and let them know you want to move on.

Next, find a replacement – there are many forums run by students and the universities, usually on Facebook as this is the best medium, and then present this person to your housemates. It’s important to understand that they will have to agree to this person, they will have to live with them, and as such will have to be comfortable with the final choice. 

Finally, pass all the details to the agency as they will have to reference this person and get the guarantor in place. Once done, an amendment to the contract can be completed and your responsibilities to the tenancy can be removed. In line with government legislations an agency can charge up to £50 for this service, and usually will, so expect this small administration charge.

Whilst the advice here is aimed at students, the process will be the same in essence, wherever one person is leaving, but the tenancy (and other housemates) are continuing on. For those wanting advice on looking to bring their whole tenancy to a close early, watch out for more in an upcoming blog.

If you have problems leaving a tenancy and need some advice – do give us a call at Eightfold Property on 01273 672999, and choose option 1 for lettings.


Photo by <a href="">Tim Gouw</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>