Let's delve into the topic of 2023, and how the landscape changed last year with a look at rent increases, acknowledging both the market trends and the impact on individual renters. While national statistics reveal a 4.6% rise, it's crucial to dissect the local landscape, particularly within Sussex.


Sussex Snapshot: Understanding the Terrain

Across Sussex, rents rose by 3.8%, slightly lower than the national average. Yet, it's essential to differentiate within our county. Brighton and Hove, our vibrant hub, witnessed a 4.2% increase, driven by high demand, limited supply, and its undeniable charm. Conversely, Seaford experienced a gentler 3.5% rise, reflecting a different demographic seeking space and tranquillity.


Market Positives: A Balanced Perspective

It's undeniable that rising rents can pose challenges, and we recognize the struggles individuals may face. However, it's also important to acknowledge the positive market signals embedded within this growth.

  • Strong Demand: Increased rents often suggest a robust local economy, indicating investor confidence and job creation. This ultimately bodes well for the overall economic health of Sussex and its residents.
  • Investment Fueling Development: Higher rents incentivize property investment, potentially leading to the development of new housing options, catering to various budgets and needs. This could provide more choices for renters in the long run.
  • Market Stability: While fluctuations occur, consistent growth indicates a more stable market compared to volatile swings. This can offer landlords and tenants a degree of predictability when making financial decisions.


Looking Ahead: A Measured Optimism

Predicting the future is inherently tricky, but here's a measured outlook national rent rises are likely to moderate in 2024; however, Brighton's enduring appeal could see continued upward pressure. Seaford is likely to maintain its steadier pace, offering relative stability for budget-conscious renters. However, when it comes to student accommodation the cost-of-living crisis could influence student choices, potentially impacting Brighton's rental market dynamics if more students elect to study at home.

Remember, the Sussex property market offers diverse options. Stay informed, explore possibilities, and don't hesitate to seek professional guidance. Together, we can navigate this evolving landscape and find the perfect rental solution for your needs.


The rental market is looking buoyant across the board at the moment, which feels like good news for landlords, but the pressure on renters to keep up with the market demands could create problems. It is important to keep renters in mind, to ensure they are no overstretched in keeping up with rental increases, leading to defaults and repossessions, which suit no one.


Photo by Hert Niks on Unsplash