Block Management

We work alongside Freeholders, Directors and Right to Manage companies to take full responsibility for the day-to-day running and long-term management of their property, ensuring the value and safety of their assets are protected.

With our trusted Block Management services, property owners can rest assured that their residential blocks and estates are in capable hands. Our dedicated and highly knowledgeable team ensure the smooth running and maintenance of communal areas, common facilities, and shared amenities.

We take a proactive approach, overseeing essential services, such as cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and insurance to enqure the best value for our clients and residents.

We diligently manage service charge administration, financial accounting, and compliance with relevant regulations. We commit to prompt and transparent communication, as well as swift resolution of issues.

Charlie Runcorn   MRICS

Key Contact

Charlie Runcorn MRICS

Property Management Director

  • The undertaking of every aspect of Property Management, taking full responsibility for the day-to-day running of managed assets.
  • Strategic management implementation tailored to meet the requirements and needs of your block.
  • Considered budgeting, transparent accounting and diligent rental and service charge collection.
  • Health and safety procurement, compliance, and management.
  • Advice on compliance with statutory obligations, including notices to be served and liaison with legal representatives in this regard.
  • Thorough property inspections by experienced property managers and regular face-to-face meetings with clients and occupiers.
  • Buildings insurance renewals, risk mitigation and claim management.
  • Ongoing and planned maintenance programs and management of supply contracts to achieve the best possible value.
  • Full transparency and exceptional client service.

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